Diabetes has long been linked to obesity and being overweight. Being overweight places extra stress on your body in a variety of ways, including your body’s ability to maintain proper blood glucose levels. In fact, being overweight can cause your body to become resistant to insulin. If you already have diabetes, this means you will need to take even more insulin to get sugar into your cells. And if you don’t have diabetes, the prolonged effects of the insulin resistance can eventually cause you to develop the disease.

CMRI is a pioneer institute in the field of laparoscopic surgery (Key Hole). It had established a comprehensive Weight Management Clinic. Now we are providing a permanent solution for diabetes called Metabolic Surgery.

Whatever help a person requires – be it a simple nutritional advice or a very specialized weight reduction surgery, it is provided by a single unit of dedicated professionals working full time with CMRI.

If you are looking for a weight loss solution, we can certainly help you with our team of Nutritionists, Endocrinologists, Psychologists and Bariatric Surgeons who are the best and most experienced in the whole of Eastern India.