Kidneys are one of the most vital organs in the body. It removes toxic chemicals from the blood, maintains fluid balance and blood pressure and secrete some extremely important hormones. Similarly, urological diseases can make one feel uncomfortable and can completely sap one’s confidence, especially at the most intimate moments.The Department of Renal Sciences at CMRI treats diseases in the Kidney and its related organs with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. The efficient team of physicians offer the most comprehensive solutions for urological and nephrological disorders. The Hospital deals with a range of issues faced by individuals with kidney disease and other conditions that affect or arise from the kidneys and prostrate. Treatment of Kidney Transplant, round the clock dialysis, prostate gland disorders, kidney stone removal, prostate cancer, and kidney tumour are some of the problems addressed here.

Kidney Transplant Record (May, 2016) Kidney Transplant Record (Apr, 2016) Kidney Transplant Record (Mar, 2016)

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