Tales of Unsung Heroes of Organ Transplant

Running a small restaurant in the district of Jharkhand Mr. Omkar Singh could not believe when doctors told him that he was suffering from end-stage renal disease and would require frequent dialysis. Physical pain clubbed with financial drainage caused by a 11-month prolonged dialysis was getting dreadful for the patient and his family. As the patient was the sole bread earner of the family, which had small children also, his recovery became the pressing need of the hour. Mr. Singh and his wife Sangeeta came to Kolkata seeking treatment. When Sangeeta heard that Renal Transplant or Kidney Transplant was the best solution she immediately took up the challenge and agreed to give her Kidney to save the man in her life, the father of her children. Sangeeta’s courageous move prompted by her immense love, to be the donor for her husband was indeed the light at the end of the tunnel. Post-transplant, with total recovery of Mr. Singh’s condition, the family at last has breathed a sigh of relief. It’s been six weeks since the time of transplant and Sangeeta is doing physically well and Omkar has already started resuming his normal life. Speaking about his physical condition, Omkar said “I am grateful to my wife who has given priceless contribution to me by donating her kidney. I had lost hope in life during my dialysis days. It seemed that every day I was walking towards death. Today I cannot thank the kind doctors and the nurses enough, who have helped me to recover and have given me a new life. The advancement of medical science and the skillful doctors have not only saved me but have saved my entire family. I am grateful to the Department of Renal Science of CMRI.”

With her enormous population, India accounts for larger number of deaths as compared to a lot of other geographies because of non-availability of organs. The current ratio between the demand for organs and availability of donors is indeed alarming. Therefore, there is a dire need for a driving force that will encourage more people to come forward and donate the required organs to the needy. People need to realize that donation of organs can be a seamless yet life-altering event to a patient. If every individual in our society takes responsibility and shows commitment towards organ transplant through engaging discussions and campaigns, then lakhs of lives can be saved every year.

Another inspiring story is that of an unsung hero, Mr. Tapas Kumar Banerjee, a 56-year-old in Government service, who showed with valor, what coming back to life is, especially when his survival was given up his colleagues. Couple of months ago when Mr. Banerjee was diagnosed with renal failure he was at that brink of life where destiny had played a prank. As he narrates “On one hand I was diagnosed with renal failure with Dialysis being the next prescription; on the other hand, I received a promotion. My promotion was celebrated by my colleagues with a question mark if I was the right candidate to get the position. Their snide comments that they are working with a person who is approaching death and hence needs all sympathy, along with my frequent dialysis sessions took a toll on my life and pushed me into depression. I felt bad about myself and the 7-8 hours of dialysis, thrice a week made me feel even more horrible. Eventually, a close friend came forward and agreed to donate his kidney to me and I found hope.

I strongly feel that more awareness should be there about Kidney transplant. There are some myths around it and people have a lot of unnecessary fear. After I got my kidney transplant I am back to my office after taking medical leave for only three months. I am much happier at work now and I spend long hours at my job, I am back to my old life and have started enjoying. The Transplant team of CMRI under the able guidance of Dr. Sandip Bhattacharya showed ways to fight back and get a grip on my life with the new Kidney. I cannot thank my friend enough who gave me his kidney.” It’s been 4 months since the transplant happened and now Mr. Banerjee has successfully resumed work. His donor is also doing physically well now. Courage and belief always triumph over doubts and fear and Mr. Banerjee’s recovery is nothing short of proving it.

CK Birla Hospitals, synonymous with clinical excellence, ethical conduct and patient care is committed to the cause of Organ Transplant with all seriousness and endeavors to continuously strengthen its organ transplant service.

Dr. Sandip Bhattacharya, Consultant Nephrologist, CK Birla Hospitals, who has performed successful transplants comments, There has been a rising incidence of renal failure patients with urgent need of a transplant. Transplant is the last and only resort for treating renal failure. However, a lot of myths and inhibitions are associated with the notion of transplant. It is high time people are adequately educated and made aware that transplant as a process can help a lot of people and with a systematic approach the recipient and donor both can live a better tomorrow. Despite Eastern India’s steady progress in organ transplant, it still has a long way to go in terms of increasing the availability and streamlining and expediting the process.”