Spleenectomy done to a trauma patient through laparoscopy for the first time in Eastern India

Publication: Ebela- Ananda Bazar Patrika

Mr Sarkar 69 year old met with an accident and complained of respiratory distress and abdominal pain. When brought to the hospital doctor Ajay Mandal GI Surgeon diagonised that his spleen had ruptured and urgent surgery. Dr Mandal did the surgery without opening his stomach but did a micro surgery. The patient went back home within seven days.Dr Mandal is in the opinion that it is difficult to do such surgey laparoscopically when there is a huge blood loss and this patient had internal hamorrhage . Traumatic spleenectomy has been done my me alone in Eastern India. His version had been advocated by government doctors too who said that its good to know that such excellent surgery is being done in private hospital. Mr Sarkar however is happy with his new life and without the trauma of a big scar.