Plastic Surgery can be a solution of Blue Tumor near Nails

A bluish discoloration near your nails could be dangerous. One should always consult a plastic surgeon when such an appearance is noticed. If not treated in time these small tumors can turn into a major disease and could be dangerous. Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anupam Golash says, “Issues like this can be treated with a small surgery. If not treated in time it may harm your hand and your hand may stop responding. Sarita Devi (Name Changed) got a small cut on her finger, while chopping vegetables. She wasn’t aware that this can actually lead to a tumor. Then, one day when her fingers suddenly stopped responding, she visited the Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Anupam Golash, who treated her. After the surgery, her fingers slowly started responding”.

“Call me a Plastic Surgeon and not Cosmetic Surgeon” quotes Dr. Golash, who has treated several complex cases. Like the time he gave a new lease of life to a child by attaching back his severed hand. And when he restored the sensation in the right hand of a young man, who lost it in a road accident. Dr. Golash explained “the man was suffering from brachial plexus injury in which nerves near spinal cords are affected which leads to loss of feeling or movement in arms. People are still not aware of the treatments done through Plastic Surgery. Most of the spine related problems which happen after accidents can be treated by a Plastic Surgeon. Also, severed fingers can be joined back to the hand, if the patient is brought in time to a Plastic Surgeon.”

Dr. Golash, who is renowned for his work not just in Kolkata but also in nearby towns and neighbouring states, bemoans “these days Plastic Surgeons gain fame as Cosmetic Surgeons, which actually shouldn’t be the case.”

Published in Sanmarg – 23rd August, 2018