Personal Security Officer Treated At CMRI

A policeman injured in the Majerhat bridge collapse is being treated by doctors at Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI), ironically the very hospital where a doctor was allegedly assaulted by a cop last week.

When the 10 injured in the bridge cave in were rushed to CMRI on Tuesday evening, one of them was a personal security officer (PSO) to a judge of the city civil court. The PSO, Anupam Sahoo, was on duty when the mishap happened. According to sources, he was seated in an escort car when the vehicle fell with the bridge.

Government agencies will now have to work on two fronts. First, the probe has to be fair and impartial and the systemic faults, which this collapse has exposed, must be rectified; government policies should be changed, if necessary. Second, restoration of this vital link will have to happen as soon as possible. Hundreds of thousands of people from Behala — and beyond — have been severely inconvenienced. A host of short and mid-term tweaks may be necessary in traffic movement and transport plans. We need to work fast on these two fronts.

The impact left his spinal cord seriously damaged and weakness in his lower limb. When the PSO was rushed to the hospital, along with emergency medical care, investigative tests were conducted to find out the location, nature and extent of injury. “He was immediately shifted to the neuro ICU after being rushed to the hospital. The spinal injury seems to be really bad. The weakness in his lower limb is due to the injury,” said a source in CMRI.

Last Wednesday, Jadavpur police station’s officer-in-charge Pulak Dutta had allegedly assaulted an on-duty doctor Srinivas Geddam. This alleged assault was about to snowball into a doctor-cop issue. Even as the Joint Platform of Doctors had announced for closure of non-emergency services for Wednesday, a day after the bridge collapse, the doctors called off the agitation so that the injured were not denied medical care. “There must be a simmering tension between doctors and cops. But that would be no reason for doctors to deny treatment to a cop, who comes to us for medical attention. In this case, he sustained severe injury in a tragic accident. Therefore, doctors promptly attended him like the other injured,” said a doctor. Admitted in the neurosurgery department, Sahoo underwent a spinal surgery on Thursday. Post surgery, the cop is now recuperating in the ICU. Doctors expect the PSO will be better after the surgery.

Published in Times Of India