Life is precious – CMRI Celebrates the Heroes of Cancer

Arundhati Sen, Head of Brand and Communication CK Birla Hospitals reiterated this feeling on World Cancer Day, as she welcomed everyone to the event, ‘Celebrating Heroes’; initiated by the Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery, CMRI on World Cancer Day, 4th February 2017 in the CMRI Auditorium.

It was not just an interactive session with cancer survivors and doctors — the involvement was much greater. Dr Supriyo Ghatak, Dr Sanjay De Bakshi, Dr Ajay Mandal, Dr Sumit Gulati, Dr Aloke Banerjee, Dr Ashish Bhakta, Dr Avik Bhattacharya, Dr Chanchal Goswami and Dr Ketki Mitra stood through the challenging ordeal with the survivors.

In their indomitable journey, the heroes showed unflinching conviction along with the strength and zest for life, which continues. The power of joy comes from inside and the living witnesses of this dreadful disease they combated and conquered; they welcome each new day and find a new meaning to it.

It was indeed a celebration and CMRI was proud to be an integral part of this successful mission. So many lives were touched from one common point and the endeavour continues with support from the esteemed doctors and management as assured by Dr Santanu Chattopadhyay, Chief Operating Officer, CMRI.

The inspirational experience of each patient with the spirit to overcome every challenge was contagious. The programme concluded with smiles on all faces and a force that emphasised the greatness of life and how beautiful it can be!