An enormous tumor that weighed 8 kgs and measured about 12 inches in diameter was extracted from a 57-year-old woman’s abdomen at CMRI, CK Birla Hospitals, Kolkata. Purnima Saha from Murshidabad had consulted doctors in CMRI hospital a few months ago. She had abdominal pain and complained that her stomach always felt heavy and full. A CT scan revealed a very large tumor formed of non-cancerous fat cells which originated in the sigmoid colon mesentery region and had spread across the whole abdomen. Doctors said that tumors of this large size were very rare.

According to Gastro Intestinal Surgeons Dr. Ajay Mandal, “while it was not life-threatening, it was a serious problem as the patient had stopped eating because of difficulty in digestion.” Surgery was prescribed and a four-member team including Gastro Intestinal Surgeon Dr. Sanjay De Bakshi successfully performed the procedure which lasted over two hours. Purnima is now looking forward to going home and being with her family. However, the doctors have warned her that such tumors can recur, but are unlikely to be of this large size.