CMRI launches ambulance services

Publication: Ei Somoy

CK Birla hospitals launches a unique ambulance service for both CMRI and BMBirla Heart Research Centre . Any person if calls the 24×7 life saver number 71727172 can avail this facility. A detail description of the service has been stated by the CK Hospital’s CEO Dr Ashendu Pandey .Dr. Pandey speaks on the importance of the emergency service and highlights the value of receiving treatment within the golden hour. It explains how the service works from the time the emergency centre receives the call till the patient reaches the hospital. It talks about how all vital tests can be done in the ambulance itself and will be transmitted to the doctor’s mobile phone before the patient reaches the hospital.This unique facility also enables the team at the hospital to be appropriately prepared for the arriving patient thereby mitigating any delays in the medical care. The cardiac system is also telecast live from the ambulance to the hospital team so vitals of the patient are also continuously monitored. Hence saving life is the focus along with providing quality care.