CK Birla Hospitals Enable First Cadaver Donation for Road Accident Victim

The city saw the sixth deceased organ donation on Tuesday, the second in three days, logging the best record in the state, where the first donation took place in 2012.

The liver and two kidneys of Ranjan Roy (49), a private firm employee declared brain dead by CMRI on Tuesday, were set to save the lives of three patients. While the kidneys are still being transplanted, doctors found fibrosis in his liver after a biopsy and declared it not viable.

This donation and transplant comes only two days after families of a woman, Champa Naskar (47), gave away her organs to recipients. Roy, a Baruipur resident, was to join his family for a relative’s wedding at Barrackpore after work on Saturday. But he met with a road accident in the afternoon and was rushed to CMRI. When doctors found no brain stem reflexes in the patient, the hospital started counselling his family for organ donation. “I have been reading and hearing about organ donations in newspapers and on TV. So when doctors told me if I wanted to donate his organs to save others’ lives, I readily agreed. My husband is gone, but in death, he has ensured life for people, who will get his organs,” said Seema Roy, wife of the deceased.

The liver was assigned to a male recipient from Gujarat at Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals. But it turned out to be unfit for transplant after doctors found fibrosis in it. His two kidneys went to two male patients at SSKM, one from Kolkata and the other Rishra. Till reports came in last, the transplant surgeries were on. His cornea and skin were also banked.

ROTTO (Regional Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation) was informed about the family’s consent. The nodal agency for organ donation and transplant for eastern region allocated the liver to Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals and the two kidneys to SSKM Hospital. But the heart went waste owing to unavailability of a suitable recipient. “The heart was allocated to RN Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences. But, the recipient could not make it to the city in time. Delaying the retrieval and harvesting procedure could have endangered the viability of other organs. So, it was decided that only the liver and kidneys would be harvested,” said a ROTTO official. A patient from a village near Bhagalpur, suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy, was identified as the recipient for the heart. The patient was supposed to reach here by Sunday night. But, hospital sources said, owing to a downpour, a bridge linking his village to the city, was washed away and the patient could not travel to Kolkata.

“We appreciate the courage and generosity of the donor’s family. His wife agreed to the donation, despite being in such a tragic situation.CK Birla Hospitals is proud to be part of this and we will continue to build on this momentum,” said Uttam Bose, CEO at CK Birla Hospitals.

In 2016, Kolkata had four deceased organ donations, followed by a dismal record of only one the next year. So far, 2018 has witnessed six donations, including two in August and one on September 30. “There has been a rise in awareness and so, counselling families of the deceased for donation has become much easier than earlier. This is a good sign and we should see more organ donations in future,” said a ROTTO official.


Times of India