Best Clinical Care provided to Papai Ray

Twenty-five-year-old biker Papai Ray, who had plunged down the collapsing Majerhat bridge last Tuesday and sustained severe injuries on his face and ribs, underwent a seven-hour face-reconstruction surgery at the CMRI Hospital on Saturday afternoon.

Conducted by a team of surgeons led by maxillo-facial surgeon Sujoy Mukherjee, the surgery, also called ‘Open reduction and internal fixation’ in medical parlance, reconstructed his fractured facial bones, including his lower jaw that had been crushed under the impact of the fall. Ray’s friend and pillion rider Soumen Bag were killed in the accident.

The surgery was termed a rare one by doctors due to the severity of Ray’s injuries. His lower jaw bone was crushed into several pieces. “As a result, his tongue had lost support and his airway was getting obstructed. So, he had to be put on ventilation. We used eight plates to put the crushed pieces of bone together. The procedure has been successful and he should recover,” said Mukherjee.

Ray will need a follow-up surgery later. He also has two fractures in his ribs. But the injuries in his ribs are not serious and the fractures should heal with conservative treatment, said, doctors. What made the surgery difficult was the nature and extent of the bone injury, said Mukherjee. “His lower jaw bone had been crushed making his face lose shape. His tongue had dropped and was blocking his airways, which is why he had to be put on ventilation. While the helmet saved his life, this injury could’ve been fatal as well since his breathing was affected,” he said.

“We are happy to provide the best clinical care to Papai Ray. Our doctors have successfully conducted a complicated procedure. We hope Ray will recover soon,” said CK Birla group CEO Uttam Bose. Although he was taken off ventilation in four days, he is still not being able to speak. Presently, he is communicating through written notes. Hospital sources said, Ray will now be given tractions to hasten the recovery.

Published in Times Of India