CMRI School of Nursing

CMRI School of Nursing, Kolkata – established in 1970, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, has the joy of visualizing many precious young ladies working at various high-grade healthcare jobs in India and also abroad. A Unit of CMRI, CMRI School of Nursing is known for its quality education delivery and has an outstanding record of students acquiring high percentage.

Nursing Training
  • Santa Sahoo-Principal
  • Rina Shyam
  • Pronati Pal
  • Maitriyi Chakraborty
  • Modalasa Ghosh
  • Minakshi Karan
  • Soma Das
  • Nilanjana Adhikari
  • Sumita Dolai
  • Shreya Bhowmik
  • Puja Bera
  • Believes in imparting professional knowledge, skills and non-judgemental holistic care towards patients as per global standards.
  • Believes in fostering all-round development of students, professionally and personally through academic and extra-curricular events.
  • Believes in being role models and act as mentors to instill leadership and assertive qualities among students.
  • Believes in feedback and evolution process which contributes to the improvement of student’s performance and helps in developing them as effective professionals.

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