The wonder survival of a 28 weeks preterm baby

At certain times, the will-power to fight all hurdles and survive, conquers the impossible, the unbelievable. That a girl is a born fighter is again proven by Rusha Bose who was born at CK Birla Hospital CMRI as an extremely premature baby, just within 28 weeks of her mother’s pregnancy. The strong desire to live and the ardent stamina to fight have led to the survival of this tiniest life who was just 960 grams when born. The condition of the baby during birth was such that it left everyone in despair about her survival. The baby was immensely weak, suffering from the feeble respiratory condition and didn’t respond much to resuscitation. She did not cry or grow for days despite Dr. Golash’s attempt to make her cry, indicating very unstable and critical scenario. Going by the baby’s condition Dr. Golash counselled the parents and advised them to opt for ventilation as the chances of baby’s survival seemed bleak. Amidst all these spells of darkness, the mother believed in the strength of her womb and eventually, Rusha responded well to resuscitation. After an hour or so the baby made a smart comeback, as her respiratory condition improved. By the end of the night, the baby didn’t need ventilation anymore. Albeit, the baby was admitted to ICU for more than a month, wherein other newly borns could have succumbed to death, this angel has established that miracles do happen, especially with those who believe in it.

While admitted in the ICU, there was a plethora of setbacks starting from giving an inadequate proportion of nutrition through veins, anti-fungal injections for protection against bacterial infections to the immature gastro-intestinal system. She needed a daily dosage of several medicines for various problems including maintaining her blood pressure. The doctor had sensitised the mother and family not to hold on to any ray of hope and be prepared for the worst. The surprise that a baby who is not even a month old is fighting against menaces, way more than one, took the entire hospital in awe. It became the mission of the doctors and the attendants to save the precious life. The paramount perseverance of the mother, larger than life zeal of the child to thrive and live, enabled her to gradually respond to the aggressive lines of treatment and overcome all the immaturities in her system.

This mightily spirited little girl went home after one and a half months with a healthy weight of 1 kg. Even then her under-developed bone marrow and protein failure in her system caused her tremendous pain. The dedication of the womenfolk in the family, their combined energies directed towards saving another female had transcended overall odds. It was not just Bushra, the mother alone, but all the relatives who collectively took an oath to render her a healthy life. Their round the clock endeavours made it look almost like everybody was fighting for their own lives. Her mother was assisted on breastfeeding by her aunt whenever required and even when the baby was admitted to ICU, sinceBushra’s lactation level dropped. Rusha had to be fed every hour, so her family members took turns and were on duty 24×7. Within the next 10 days, she had to go back to CMRI to get protein infusion. The team of expert paediatricians under Dr. Golash’s supervision had put her haemoglobin back on track. After 4 months of constant unyielding struggle, Rusha finally started gaining weight and by the end of 6 months her weight had increased by 3 kg. and she became a completely healthy baby. She has finally won over all her maladies and at present is no less than any other normal baby. An epitome of courage and ardour to hold on to dear life, she responded unusually well to all her treatments.

It is the victory of a mother’s unconditional love whose prayers and wishes saw the light of the day. “Initially we really had almost nil hope as Rusha was fighting multiple ailments. Our whole family was shattered as each day we would see our baby with channels plugged in, numerous injections given and yet no certainty of survival. Eventually, under Dr. Golash’s treatment, Rusha started to improve with time. And now she is our inspiration, respite and sheer little bundle of joy.” stated Bushra Bose.

In conclusion, Dr. Ruchi Golash said, “The little soul fought like a warrior and hung on to her dear life until she recovered. The continuous, relentless support of the women in her family, from her mother to her aunts, somehow imbued a great sense of faith in our hearts as well. We are now worldwide celebrating the international girl child’s day every year in the honour of gender equality. Rusha’s battle fortifies that a girl’s struggle to survive begins right from birth and it is the remarkable courage in each girl which ultimately helps her overcome every woe in her life.”

Dr. Ruchi Golash
Dr. Ruchi Golash

Department of Paediatrics