Enjoy a tension-free party season with our thorough diet guideline

Every person nowadays is concerned about his/her holistic well-being and maintaining a proper diet is a major part of leading a healthy lifestyle. With a balanced diet and routine exercise one can easily avoid obesity, thus keeping at bay a lot of diseases which come along with weight gain. For everyone above the age of 30, Ipsita Chakravarti – Chief Dietician at CK Birla Hospitals CMRI advises undergoing regular blood-tests in order to keep a check on diabetes & cholesterol. In this era of sedentary lifestyle where consuming processed food and engaging in zero to limited physical activity often leads to diabetes &  obesity, one needs to have more nutrient-dense food with an equal amount of vitamin and mineral.

Diabetic & obese patients are often at more risk of getting cardiac disorders, so they must keep the following recommendation in mind while planning their diet:

  • Cut back on your sugar intake and processed food
  • Calorie restriction vary from one person to another, so consulting a dietician for a customized diet chart based on your calorie requirement is a must
  • Control on carbs is required for maintaining a normal weight
  • Consume normal healthy home-made food which is rich in fiber
  • Diabetic patients need to avoid fruits like banana, mango, jackfruit, pineapple,

With winter knocking at our doors, everybody is in a celebratory mood and looking forward to gorging on sumptuous food at various holiday parties. Ms. Chakravarti advocates the following tips so that one can party hard without compromising on health:

  • Before going to a party one must remember to consume lots of fluid. Hydration is a must, especially to reduce the strong effects of alcohol
  • It is important to keep control over binge eating by having healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, soups before hitting the party
  • A healthy portion of protein intake is always encouraged while one must limit the amount of carbs
  • Don’t over-indulge in alcohol; if you do consume, limit the amount. But ensure that you do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach

And just as everyone is tempted by the party-food at all the gatherings, one also forgets to maintain a balanced weight and ends up gaining a lot of calories over the season. So here are some necessary suggestions on how to get back in to shape post-party season:

  • Every morning one should have a wholesome, nutritious, and balanced breakfast to keep energized throughout the day. It is the first meal one is having after almost an 8-10-hour gap, so skipping breakfast is a big no
  • Two to three helpings of fruits are must, while five to six servings of vegetables are recommended.
  • Fiber and protein-rich meal during lunch always adds to a healthy diet plan
  • Restrict the intake of salt and oil
  • Dinner should be light with much green veggies and protein.
  • For a snack, Ms. Chakravarti suggests dairy products like yogurt lassi, and various kinds of nuts.

Adding to that,  Ms. Chakravartiwhile advising everyone or to stick to their diet plan, says “Eat everything but in the required portion.  Never skip any meal; split meals if possible. It is always recommended to control calorie with the addition of more protein and fiber-rich diet while restricting carbohydrate intake.”

By, Ms. Ipsita Chakravarti – Chief Dietician at CK Birla Hospitals CMRI