Celebrate Diwali with Safety Tips from Expert Doctors

Diwali is the grandest of all festivals when all Indians come together to celebrate their oneness and unity. This festival of light jazz up everything and everyone around, but it comes with a bit of worry as well because of woes like fire injury, air pollution and sound pollution. However, without dulling the festive joy one can always opt for celebrating it in a healthy way. Dr. Ranjan Kumar Das, Department of Respiratory Medicine, CK Birla Hospitals CMRI, states, “No matter what, prevention is the key! Restrict your exposure to fumes of firecrackers as they are harmful for patients suffering from pulmonary diseases and asthma. Adults must supervise young children while bursting crackers to minimize careless injuries.”

  • Newborn babies and the elderly should stay away from harmful fumes. They must keep doors and windows completely shut during those hours. In any case, if they have to be part of the celebration then wearing a mask will reduce the risk. Asthma patients should keep their inhaler handy while pulmonary patients must refill their medications on time
  • For minimizing noise, earplugs can be used or better still shut doors and windows in time to keep away the excessive noise
  • Emission left from crackers contain carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and the various carcinogens seem to stay in the air for a few days after Diwali. Avoid your early morning run and walk for few days post-Diwali.

Dr. Anupam Golash, Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery, CK Birla Hospitals – CMRI, advises, “Don’t buy locally made poor quality firecrackers which tend to burst unexpectedly. Always choose the high-quality product and never try to re-ignite fused firecrackers which could burst suddenly and cause injury.”

  • Remember to keep a bucket of water nearby for safety in case of accidents when busting crackers
  • In case of eye injury with crackers, wash your eyes and face thoroughly. Wash your hands before splashing water on the face. Do not rub, touch or scratch your eyes. Seek immediate medical help
  • Diwali would be best celebrated by going green. If you want to light firecrackers, buy a very small quantity of bio-degradable firecrackers
  • While lighting fireworks, always keep them away from the face, hair and clothing. Don’t wear synthetic clothes, long sleeves or loose clothing as they easily catch fire
  • Be careful while lighting diyas and candles as loose-fitting clothing, sarees, dupattas etc. often tend to catch fire from them
  • Stock up fresh sweets, fruits and eatables from reputed shops or better prepare them at home for healthy consumption
  • If there is a fire injury, then don’t put toothpaste on the burn as the sticky layer is harmful for skin. Instead, immediately wash the burned area thoroughly with cold water and apply Soframycin on it. Seek immediate medical help if needed
  • Do not burst firecrackers indoors and clean up the outside area after bursting them. Don’t throw away half-burned firecrackers without completely putting them out

With festive spirit at its all-time high, we must be more careful to ensure our as well as our loved ones’ safety. To make sure, that the festivities do not leave any scar behind, we must show caution towards ourselves and our environment, so that the next generation can celebrate Diwali even brighter and healthier. It is important to follow the basic safety guidelines to avoid any untoward situation from cropping up.


Dr. Anupam Golash
Dr. Anupam Golash

Department of Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgery